Intense green oil, with fruity nose and multiple green hints in the
mouth. It smells like green grass, tomatoes, green banana. In the
mouth it is creamy, full bodied, and sweet in the beginning, with the same
green hints to the mouth as those to the nose of the beginning, with a
soft bitterness and the characteristic bite of the “hojiblanca” variety, which
starts at the throat and then moves to the rest of the tongue.

techni ques
Raw, conser ves
Aromas and
  Fresh grass, slight bite, almond
Applications  Soft salads, marinated meats and blue fish, intense emuls
Preparation  Mayonnaise, “alioli” (garlic, parsley and oil) sauce, vinaigrettes, strong fish marinates, cold and hot creams, pastas, sautés, vegetable conserve


Olive variety Hojiblanca 100%
Oil category Extra Virgin
Date of harve Beginning of November
Harvest methods mecánica individual y recolección manual
Método de extracción Mechanical using buggies and hand-picking
Storage Stainless steel with nitrogen
Tempreature 21º No added water
Color Intense green
Acidity 0.12
Storage recommendations Preserve in a cool place, away from sources of light
and heat