Selection of the batch

Within the grove, we select some areas where the highest quality fruits grow. It can be different every year.


We select the olives, tree by tree, and pick them using a harvester with vibrating head and reverse umbrella, so as to prevent damage to the fruit.


We transport the olives to the olive mill within two hours in small containers.

Oil making


We use a double screen grinding mill with a speed reducer to prevent the paste from heating up.


We use a cold malaxing technique using a refrigerated and hermetically-sealed malaxing machine, without water addition, at a temperature of approximately 21 degrees.

Decantation and filtration

We use a vertical decanter centrifuge and add no water at the decanting process. Then we proceed to the filtration stage using cellulose plates for better preservation.



We preserve oil in stainless steel deposits in inert atmosphere (using nitrogen) and regulated temperature.



We bottle our oil on demand, injecting nitrogen in the bottles in order to preserve the flavour of our oil.

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