The Oil


Conde de Mirasol


Notes on the taste

Intense green oil, with fruity nose and multiple green hints in the mouth.



Olive variety: Hojiblanca 100%
Oil category: Extra Virgin
Date of harvest: Beginning of November
Harvest methods: Mechanical using buggies and hand-picking Thermal malaxer and decanter at 21 ºC, without added water or temperature. Centrifuge and filtration.
Storage: Stainless steel with nitrogen
Temperature: 21º. No added water.
Colour: Intense light green
Acidity: 0.18
Storage recommendations: Preserve in a cool place, away from sources of light and heat



Dark glass. Screen printing in its own colours. Net content 250 and 500 ml.


Serving suggestions

Recommended techniques: Raw, conserves.
Aromas and flavours: Fresh grass, slight bite, almond.
Applications: Soft salads, marinated meats and blue fish, intense emulsions.
Preparation: Mayonnaise, “alioli” (garlic, parsley and oil) sauce, vinaigrettes, strong fish marinates, cold and hot creams, pastas, sautés, vegetable conserves.




Glass 250 ml.
Glass 500 ml.
Units / Boxes
Boxes / Pallet
Weight of bottle
Gross weight of the box
Dimensions of the box
20,6 x 15,6 x 28 cm
19,5 x 13,2 x 34,8 cm

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