Three centuries


In the middle of the paradisiac Sub Betica mountains stands “Cortijo El Tejar”. It has been owned by the family for over 3 centuries and it is where year after year some of the best olive trees in the area are nourished. Its over 15,000 olive trees of the “hojiblanca” variety are old, with wide trunks, woody and wrinkled with the passage of the centuries.

Each tree consists of three feet, which beautifully shape into wide-crowned and long-branched olive trees, which on occasion manage to touch the ground when they are heavy loaded with the fruit. Year after year, for generations, these olive trees are nourished in the way only the best olive tradition knows how,

taking care for each individual tree and providing all the treatments necessary for them to yield an excellent-quality olive.

Way of doing


Our way of doing things is traditional and careful, so that we may take the best of each fruit, but above all it is our own personal way.
At the beginning of autumn and after we have witnessed their growth for a whole year, we select the best olives to make the family selection olive oil. Each olive tree is carefully selected depending on the quality of its olives, the performance and the organoleptic features. This production shall be used to make the olive oil that will be later the Conde de Mirasol brand name.
An early harvest, while the olive is still green on the branch and before the ripening process starts to take away its qualities- makes sure each fruit infuses into the oil all its properties, and provides incredible aromas, tones and

flavours, as well as the green colour and freshness that only the olive at this stage can yield.
The entire process of harvesting and transporting the olives to the oil mill is carried out with utmost care to avoid damage to the fruit. The olives are hand-picked and carried in bundles which prevent the olives from falling to the ground and contaminating their flavour with other less pleasant elements. Transportation trailers are not overloaded so the olives do not end up squashed by their own weight and to make sure they arrive to the oil mill in perfect conditions. The trucks are only loaded to half their capacity in order to avoid temperature rising. In summary, everything possible is done so that the olive is kept in perfect condition until it is processed.

At the mill, the olives are treated as carefully as they were picked from the trees. The entire process, from the pressing until the final storage, is designed to preserve the olive properties intact and obtain fruity and fresh olive oil. No temperature rise is added to the malaxation process, no water is added, no co-adjuvants are added to the malaxing, and the oil is filtered immediately before it is transferred to the hermetically-sealed deposits where it will be kept until it is bottled.
In sum, the smallest details are cared for in order to extract unique olive oil. – a Dream

The reality


This is our reality: the Subbetic Cordoba Mountain Range, a place in the world created for the extraction of the best olive oil in the world.
Over thousands of hectares, the perfect symbiosis between climate and soil make this area ideal for olive groves.

Moderate winter and spring are in contrast with summer hot days, which only the mountain air manages to cool down at night. A wavy landscape, made up of an infinite progression of hills, hillocks and valleys packed with olive trees which make it look like a green sea. A lively and dynamic landscape, which continuously evolves throughout the year.

From the silver colour of the leaf in the blossom season, going through the intense green, until December when the branches are buttoned with black, revealing a ripe olive. The olive grove is a landscape which always invites us to take a walk in contemplation of its beauty.

A dream


It is the Conde de Mirasol Olive Oil.
The dream of a man who after years of dedication has decided to share what he most loves with the rest of the world, i.e. his olive oil, the oil he has always been making for himself. This is a very small production, as it is limited to the oil that can be obtained from the olives picked only during the first weeks of the campaign. Only those olives can infuse into the oil the sensations that later on will reach your palate and will help you imagine the place

where they come from: the olive grove paradise in Rute. It is a very aromatic, intense green, fresh olive juice with green fruit tones to the nose. It smells like green grass, tomatoes, green banana. In the mouth it is creamy, full bodied, and sweet in the beginning, with the same green hints to the mouth as those to the nose of the beginning, with a soft bitterness and the characteristic bite of the “hojiblanca” variety, which starts at the throat and then moves to the rest of the tongue.

It is ideal for special occasions, such as breakfast, on toasted bread accompanied by orange juice or to be used as seasoning for any type of dish. Its content in polyphenols, fatty acids, etc. has gained it the recommendation of great experts in nutrition as part of a healthy Mediterranean diet.

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